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PostCSS Buttons

The button styles are defined in buttons.css. All form buttons take the default style of the Cherry button. You can change the variants of the buttons by using classes.

<a class="button">Primary</a>
<a class="button frame">Primary Frame</a>
<a class="button big">Primary</a>
<a class="button frame big">Primary Frame</a>
<a class="button secondary">Secondary</a>
<a class="button frame secondary">Secondary Frame</a>
<a class="button secondary big">Secondary Big</a>
<a class="button frame secondary big">Secondary Frame Big</a>
<a class="button tertiary">Tertiary</a>
<a class="button frame tertiary">Tertiary Frame</a>
<a class="button tertiary big">Tertiary Big</a>
<a class="button frame tertiary big">Tertiary Frame Big</a>
<a class="button" disabled>Disabled</a>
<a class="button frame" disabled>Disabled Frame</a>
<a class="button big" disabled>Disabled Big</a>
<a class="button frame big" disabled>Disabled Frame Big</a>

Full Width

<a class="button full-width">Primary</a>
<a class="button secondary full-width">Secondary</a>
<a class="button tertiary full-width">Tertiary</a>
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