Box - Develop

The Box component is a container that extends the functionality of the Container component. It inherits the same props as Container and adds additional styling properties. You can use it to create visually appealing boxes / tiles or containers within your applications. Feel free to customize the it according to your design requirements!

import React from "react"; import { Box } from "cherry-styled-components"; export default function Page() { return ( <Box> Boxing things around! </Box> ) }

Boxing things around!

BoxJust a box 📦


$textAlign?"right" | "left" | "center"
$padding?number | "none"
$xsPadding?number | "none"
$smPadding?number | "none"
$mdPadding?number | "none"
$lgPadding?number | "none"
$xlPadding?number | "none"
$xxlPadding?number | "none"
$xxxlPadding?number | "none"

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