Favicons - Design

When designing interfaces for web applications, it’s essential to include icons and thumbnails. These visual elements enhance user experience and provide a professional look. Let’s explore the different types of icons and images that come with Cherry.:

  1. Favicons
    • Sizes: 32x32px (standard) and 16x16px (small).
    • Favicons appear in browser tabs, bookmarks, and other places where your website is listed. They help users quickly identify your site.
  2. Apple Touch Icons
    • These icons are specifically for iOS devices (like iPhones and iPads).
    • Size: 180x180px.
    • When users add your website to their home screen, this icon is displayed.
  3. Safari Pinned Tab Icon
    • Used for pinned tabs in Safari browsers.
  4. Google Manifest Icons
    • These are for Android devices.
    • Sizes: 256x256px and 192x192px.
    • The manifest file specifies how your web app should behave when installed on an Android device.
  5. Open Graphg (OG) Images
    • This image serves as a thumbnail when your website is shared on social media platforms (like Facebook, Threads, or LinkedIn).
    • Size: Varies, but a common recommendation is around 1280x670.
    • Make sure the OG image represents your site well and encourages users to click through.

Remember to include these icons and images in your project to create a cohesive and professional appearance for your web application.

Favicons can be found in the Figma Template in the 🌐 Favicons page.